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List of Auction Items for B&B Dinner

OK auction fans. Here’s a list of items that will be up for auction at the 45th B&B Auction Dinner. A lot both Oral and silent. October 6th at the Shilo Inn.





GET TO KNOW BUD                                      

BUD PIERCE                                       DENNIS RICHARDSON

for Governor                                       for Secretary of State

DANIEL CROWE                                              

for Attorney General                                    


 for Treasurer

Betsy and Darlien Pics

Les Cochenour

So, Betsy Hege and Darlien France have been busy ladies. Here are two pictures. Top Picture is with Les Cochenour of the Mid-Columbia Veterans Memorial Committee receiving a donation from the Wasco County Republican Central Committee. This donation will go for care packages that the troops will receive overseas.

The lower picture you need to click on to open in word document. Betsy and Darlien are with the newly elected ORP Chair Bill Currier.
The new officers are: Bill Currier, chair; Tyler Smith, vice chair; Chris Barreto, Secretary; and Ken Taylor, Treasurer

Picture with Bill Currier

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